Muscle Shoals, Alabama has a history of producing some of the greatest music of all time. Known as, "The Hit Recording Capitol Of The World", this sleepy little town is known for its big sound. And none is bigger and louder than, THE DIRTY SWAGGER. Lead by ther motto, "Plug In..Tune Up..Turn Up..DESTROY!", The Dirty Swagger is the crash in the night that aims to wake up, not just their hometown, but everywhere there's a head that needs to be banged and a hip that needs to be shaked. With their sing along with your horns held high anthems and "weapon of mass distortion" live show, TDS are a throwback to when rock n roll bled sex and drugs. Seduction and Destruction. They are,"rock n roll incarnate".  Since their formation in 2008 as a project to honor a fallen friend, the band morphed into a band hellbent on celebrating life and living it to both the fullest and foolest. 

  Part frontman / part stuntman, vocalist / guitarist, BLADE ALMIGHTY plays every show like he has a death wish. With his whiskey soaked vocals and buzzsaw guitars, "The unclaimed love child of Iggy Pop and Cyndi Lauper", rips through the speakers while crashing through the crowd.  Bassist,TONY THUNDER bounces the low end to no end. An explosion of groove and growl, Thunder earns the nickname, "Mr.T.N.T."  Drummer, JACKY FURY beats the beats like a beast of beats. A redneck wrecking machine, Fury attacks his kit like it drank his last PBR. Together these three have created some of the best rock n roll songs of the 21st century. With their 2009 debut, "GUTTER HERO" and 2012 sophomore release, "AMPLI FIRE", TDS write songs with razor sharp hooks that grab you and don't let go. If songs like,  "Rock King", "One Too Many", "Pregnant Stripper", and "She Loves My Drugz"  don't have you singing along then you're either mute or dead.

 In 2019, THE DIRTY SWAGGER continue to banging out the bangers with the release of two e.p.s, the rock solid, "HOMETOWN VILLAIN" and the drugged and unplugged, "ACOUSTIC FRONT". They also will continue their tradition of dirtying up any dive bar, pub, party,or liquor store in their path. If you are looking for a band that can truly be described as,"rock n roll incarnate", Muscle Shoals,Alabama's dirtiest secret is for you.