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Lucille House, Alabama

Wonderful band group,

Forever grateful , Sweet home alabam

The sound is real. The punk is hard. You guys got funk power. Like how u stay true to ur roots, ur influences are expressed in your sound and that sound is still unique. The Dirty Swagger show is in the top 10 of all shows I've seen. - from a deadhead

lisa, sheffield

Blade pleas understand my feedback is for your own good. The glasses are to big and the no shirt look is out. Other than that marry me. You guys kick ass.. (tsmile)(tsmile);)

david, everywhere

You guys rock. Keep up the good work

Minx the Jinx, Dallas, TX

It gets no more real than this. Raw power - in your face. I don't need to add a smiley face - you guys already took care of that. Awesome.

Red Bones, Madison Indiana

Hell Yeah These Fellas Dont mess around! Finally Some Real Punk Rock!!

Jamie Dean, at the house

So proud of you guys....love my dirty boys (H)

Sandra , T-Town

LOVE IT!!!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!

LaDonna Fountain, T town Alabama

You know we love you guys!!!! Ray, Justin and I will always be true Swaggernaurts!!! Keep it Rocking!!!!! (tsmile)

Tamantha, Madison

Rawk my face off, the punk Rawk master!!!!!!!!

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